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Livemusic to Silent Movies

„The Mountain-Cat“
Ernst Lubitsch, Germany 1921

Susanne Peusquens (doublebass, Melodica and Percussion), Matthias Jahner (saxophones, clarinets, flutes)

The Film
Because of his numerous loveaffairs the smart lieutenant Alexis is transferred into barracks not far of Piffkaneiro. The commander of this barracks in the mountains fears for the well-being of its daughter Lilli. On the way to the barracks Alexis is attacked by a wild gang of robbers, whose leader is just as wild as pretty robber captain daughter Rischka. The decoration and the costumes of the film and Lubitschs camera play with the tools of expressionism and the absurd and funny plot

The Music
With marches, motives, sound effects and courageous improvisations plays the music ironically and variedly with the grotesque pictures and the turbulent action of the film