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Livemusic to Silent Movies

"The Golem"
Paul Wegener, Germany 1920

Susanne Peusquens(doublebass, percussion, melodica), Matthias Jahner(saxophones, clarinets, flutes)

The movie
The Movie The movie tells the story of Rabbi Loew and the Golem, the artificial human he made from clay and who is supposed to save the inhabitians of the jewish ghetto in Prague from their imperial persecutors. Being abused, the monster runs amok until he is stopped by an innocent child The actors, set and lighting create the mysti-cal equivalent to the ancient myth of a man-made homunculus.

The Music
The movie’s particular atmosphere is complemented by the partly composed partly improvised music. The musical spectrum ranges from the more traditional film music to Klezmer and on to free improvisation