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Livemusic to Silent Movies

"The Waxhouse"“
Paul Leni, Germany 1923

Susanne Peusquens(doublebass, melodica), Matthias Jahner(saxophones, clarinets, flutes), Jochen Bärenz(piano), Christian Roderburg(percussion)

The Movie
A young poet writes three adventures to the figures of a waxhouse. Once amusing history of the Kalif Harun El Rashid, the beautiful baker woman and its husband. Second history climbs around Ivan, the cruel one, around poison murder, plots and illusion. The third narration describes the meeting of the poet and his love with Jack the Ripper

The Music
The four musicians work with their experience of many years as silent movie musicians of different style in this orde work by the „Kultur-sekretariat Nordrhein-Westfalen“. Changing in each case the individual episodes are accompanied suitable on the one hand with conventional filmmusic, on the other hand with modern sounds and improvisations